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Distance Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki works with the energy of the chakras. There are 114 chakras in the body, however there are 7 major chakras that are stacked in line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These chakras can become blocked because of various reasons, and reiki can be used to release these blockages.

A treatment of reiki is typically done on a massage table in a calm environment with candles and music, where the receiver is totally relaxed. The giver acts as a channel, allowing the energy of the universe to be released through the hands, and send directly into the chakras of the receiver. This can be done through touch if preferred, but typically done through no touch, just with the hands hovering over the chakras.
This can be done both in person, or at a distance, so you can have the energy sent to you, wherever you are as well!

Reiki is a great way to balance yourself emotionally, to speed up healing physically, or just as a way to reset yourself and give yourself some love in body and spirit.

The first half hour of the treatment, we will get set up with a comfortable space, light some candles, and make sure you are in a distraction-free space.  Then we will get right into the chakras where I will check for any blockages or excesses, and then send the universal energy directly into those chakras to bring them into balance.  

During the second half of the session, I will explain to you what I felt, which chakras are balanced and which ones are blocked, and give you a few tips on how to keep them unblocked in the future.  

This can be done over any distance; all that is needed is permission to access your energy.  To book a session to balance your chakras and experience this incredible relaxing and healing treatment, click below.  

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