Are You an Over-Giver?


An over-giver is someone who puts others'  needs ahead of their own.  They are extremely loving human beings with the best of intentions, trying to solve other people's problems, "fix" or "save" them.  

The problem is that this love and care takes their energy away from themselves, and revolves around the other person so much that they neglect their own needs.  This is the initial problem, because these individuals don't take care of themselves, but it can stem into many other problems on a much deeper level.

Over-givers are also known as "Codependent" as they try to gain energy from giving, helping, fixing, serving, or doing anything and everything for the other person, with the hopes of getting love back in return.  They hope for some thanks, appreciation, being taken care of in return, and ultimately hope to be loved to the same degree that they offer love.  

But the problem is that it doesn't work.  Over-givers don't attract equal partners, but over-takers.  These can be addicts, narcissists, abusers, or partners with low self esteem.  They do not offer an equal love, because they are constantly taking, and they feel no need to give, leaving their over-giving partners feeling exhausted, depleted, and resentful.

If This Sounds Like You...


Free Facebook Group for Over-Givers



This is a group especially for over-giving WOMEN.  Of course this is not a problem only for women, but it definitely affects women more than men.  

This group is a safe space for over-giving and codependent women, where they can support each other, and learn to take care of themselves more.  

These tips and tricks come from the perspective of yoga and meditation as a basis for self care and valuing oneself.  

If you're a woman and you'd like to learn more, Join us!


Inside-Out Transformation Program



The Inside-Out Transformation Program is the Signature Program for Mudra Metta Wellness.  

This is truly the answer if you are an over-giver, or a codependent woman.  The program is a 16 week step-by-step process which uses yoga and meditation to change the habit patterns of over-giving and codependency, into a radiant and thriving being.  This program teaches us how to take care of yourself, fill up with universal energy, and attract the kinds of people into your life that you deserve, rather than those who will take all of your giving, without offering anything in return.  

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