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Week 5:
(4th Chakra)
Heart Chakra


The Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra) is the most important chakra that we need to work on as over-givers. As we give too much love and energy away to others, here in this week, we learn how to bring a balance to that love and energy, loving ourselves first, and then attracting equal and balanced love back to ourselves.

Anahata Chakra

Activité facultative : créez vos propres drapeaux de chakra

Chaque semaine, nous allons fabriquer l'un des sept drapeaux de chakra.  Le simple fait de ralentir et de se concentrer sur chaque chakra aide à aligner ce chakra.  Ce n'est pas obligatoire mais fortement recommandé.  


  • Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous (Chakra imprimable) et imprimez le symbole du chakra. 

  • Placez le papier imprimé et le rectangle de couleur correspondant sur une fenêtre et utilisez la lumière derrière pour tracer la forme sur votre drapeau

  • Ajoutez les affirmations qui résonnent en vous.

  • Une fois les sept drapeaux terminés, cousez-les sur votre ficelle ou cordon.

  • Accrochez-les dans votre espace sacré.

Si vous souhaitez ignorer les préparatifs et acheter un ensemble de drapeaux déjà installés et prêts à décorer, vous pouvez les obtenir  ICI.

Heart Chakra Flag (Green)


I am love.
I am open to love.
I am worthy of love.
Love flows through me freely.
My heart centre is wide open.
I love myself unconditionally.
I feel the omnipresent love of the universe all the time.
I express and receive love openly.
I can access my heart's wisdom all the time.
I follow my heart's calling.
I forgive myself and others.
I live in harmony with all other beings.
I release all resentment.
I show acceptance to everything.
I consciously choose love every single day.
I show compassion to myself and others.

root chakra.jpeg

Activité d'activation des chakras

Étapes d'action pour cette semaine

1. Work with grief: If you are experiencing loss, especially loss of love, ask yourself the following questions:
Why was this person so special to me?
What did he/she bring to me that I am missing in myself?
What part of me was particularly bonded to this person, and what does this part need?
What have I lost touch with in myself as a result of this ending, and how can I nurture and regain that part of myself once again?

2. Breath work: Practice box breathing as demonstrated in the Chakra Balancing Exercise below.

3. The Inner Family: List your various parts
Describe each one
Write what each one wants
Write a dialogue between them (like a play)

4. Forgiveness: Make a list of things you have not yet forgiven yourself for. Ask yourself these questions…
What was I trying to accomplish?
What were the obstacles in my way?
What forces altered my journey?
Offer yourself forgiveness
“I forgive you. You were just trying to…”
Write down a more productive way to achieve the task you were aiming for next time.

5. Practice Self Love: Go back to your list of energizing activities from last week
Which ones made you feel loved and cared for?
Do you have any others to add for self-care?
Take a bath
Get a massage
Go for a walk in the nature
Make a new list and do at least 3 this week for yourself!

6: (Optional) Make your heart chakra flag!

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