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Chakra Transformation for Over-Givers

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If you are an over-giver, constantly putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own, there is a good chance that you feel exhausted and depleted, and you probably struggle to find equal and balanced relationships. Over-givers can be a target for addicts or narcissists, who love to take them for all they have to offer. This leaves the over-giver feeling beat up and constantly de-valued, as all they ever want is to love, and to be loved in return. The problem, although it seems like bad luck, is actually in our own energy. We all have energetic patterns, and when these patterns are not balanced, we attract certain things into our lives, and we often can't understand why. This course is designed specifically for over-givers, in order to look deep into our chakras, to learn how to tell if each chakra is deficient, or excessive, and how to bring it back into balance. Starting from the base (root chakra) and moving upwards (to the crown chakra), this 8-week journey brings about a total energetic transformation, from the inside, out! Learn to bring each of your chakras into balance, and to live the life you were meant to live...which is a happy, balanced and radiant being of light!

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