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Thai Massage

What is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a 2500 year old practice that originated in India, founded by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, who was said to be a close friend of Buddha and a physician to the king.

Thai massage, (also known as Thai yoga massage) is a holistic way to heal the body naturally, activating the body's energy lines, and promotes self healing.  The massage is fully clothed, and done on a mat on the foor.

This massage leaves you feeling not only relaxed and loose, but also exhilarated and energized!

Massage Services

Andie's Training

Andie was trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2010, in many different schools, including ITM (International Training Massage).  In 2013 she completed her Thai Massage Level V, becoming certified to teach massage. She has been practicing Thai Massage since 2010, in many countries around the world including Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Kenya, and Canada.  

Andie has been a member of the Massage Association, AQTN since 2020.


Insurance receipts are available for all massages.


Laurent C.

Les mains d'Andrea sont remplies d'amour et son toucher est guidé par la douceur. Elle invite votre corps à la mobilité avec beaucoup de présence et de délicatesse. La salle de soin est portée d'une belle ambiance et vous en sortirez calme, détendu avec un profond bien-être corporel.


Stephanie M.

For such a wonderful moment with a highly professional Massage Therapist, I absolutely recommend Andrea.
After this massage, I feel more centred, and more happy, because of the technique Andrea practices and because of her superb energy that she radiates.   
A beautiful gift for my body, my heart and my soul.
Thank you so much Andrea.   So much LOVE!