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Create Your Own Retreat

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Looking for a Wellness Retreat
for yourself?
A couple? Or a group?

If you're looking to get away, slow things down, spend some time in nature, and take care of you, but the schedule of other retreats just don't quite suit what you're looking for, you can create your own!  


Hi, I'm Andie! 
Here to help you create your perfect retreat.

Throughout this page, you can take a look at the different options for where you can stay and what you'd like included in your retreat.  For any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly, by calling me at 450-330-1859, or emailing me.

Here are a few options for you...

Solo & Couples Retreats

Tuckaway Tree

This is Tuckaway Tree!  It's a tiny little treehouse built right into the trees on sliding bolts that enable the house to move so the trees can sway in the wind.  It's the perfect getaway for a solo or couple's retreat.

The house has a spiral staircase, a balcony, 2 skylights, windows on 3 of walls, and a queen sized bed.  There are plenty of hooks and shelves to keep anything you need with you.  There is a camping style toilet in the trees behind the house.  There is no electricity, only solar powered lights on the balcony, and battery powered candles inside.  

This idilic little house in the trees is the perfect way to connect to yourself and to nature.  It is close to hiking trails and rivers, as well as wide open fields so you can enjoy the view of the Vermont mountains.  

Tuckaway Tree is available during spring, summer and fall, but not in winter as there is no heating.  

Group Retreats


Hinterhideout is the perfect place for escaping into nature with your small group.  It sleeps 10 people comfortably, with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, yoga and meditation room, and more!  

Located 5 minutes from the town of Sutton, you wouldn't even know that this little gem was here.  This modern beautiful home is the most stunning place you've ever seen, perfectly hidden away in nature.  

It is available all year round, but book quickly, because this space fills up fast!  

For availability, please check here.  

*Please check availability for BOTH hinterhideout and myself (Andie) before confirming your retreat!

why come to sutton, QC?

Located in the Eastern Townships, only an hour and a half from Montreal, Sutton is one of the most beautiful places you've ever seen.  With the charm of the town and the beautiful mountains, you might want to stay here forever, as I did when I thought I was passing through in 2018! Come on over and experience some of the wonders that this area has to offer.  

Whether you stay in the treehouse or in the hideout, you will experience nature and calm at its finest, and then you can add some Mudra Metta Wellness services as the icing on the cake!  

Below is a breakdown of what you can add to your retreat to make it the perfect retreat, just for you!  

Next, Choose Your Wellness Services

About the Food...

Because food is very individual and there are so many specific dietary requirements, in order to keep the cost of your retreats to a minimum, you are encouraged to take care of your own food.  You may also want to fast, depending on the intention for your retreat.  For my own personal stay in the treehouse, I had a big decision to make, so I fasted and meditated for 3 days, before coming to that decision.  

If you're staying in the treehouse, there is no fridge or cooking facilities, so please bring all of your food either pre-made, or food that you can cook at the outdoor fire pit.  

For stays at hinterhideout, there is a fully equipped kitchen, so you are welcome to bring whatever you'd like to cook for yourself.  

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