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Yoga Classes

All classes are currently offered in English.


Private Yoga Classes

A private class is a custom made class or set of classes that are built just for you, and/or your group. Please read below for descriptions and prices. Classes for Individuals ($100): If you have a home practice already and are looking to make adjustments or improvements to benefit your own body, this is a great option for you. We can go through your practice step by step and tweak it to make sure you are practicing safely and affectively, and getting the most out of your practice. Yoga for Two People ($120): This is a great option if you're wanting to be lead through a practice that is built for the energy of you and your friend/partner. We can focus on the body parts that need attention, and move at the pace that you are both feeling at that moment. Group Classes ($150): These classes are a great addition to your staff, family or social gatherings. They help to set the vibe, whether it be relaxing, energetic, team building, zen, or connecting with nature. These session can be done anywhere in and around the Sutton area. They could be a one-off, or on a regular basis. Prices are based on hour and a half long sessions, to give time to get settled, to really get into the zen space, and to enjoy a long savasana with a yoga nidra (visualization). However, shorter or longer sessions can also be arranged upon request. Location: For one or two people, you can come to my place in Sutton, and larger groups can come to my place in Glen Sutton during the summer months with a beautiful mountain view. There is no extra charge to come to my place. If you'd like me to come to your place, an additional $20 transportation fee is charged (for locations in the Sutton area). Please let me know your preferred date, time, number of participants, length of the class, and address where you'd like the class (my place is also an option!) so I can give you an exact quote!

1 hr

1 hr 30 min

2 hrs

Andie's Training

Andie is a 500h certified yoga instructor.  Her first 200h Vinyasa training was completed at the Spiritual Yoga School in Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2017, and her advanced 300h Hatha training at the Santhi Yoga Institute in Trivandrum, India in 2018.  She has been practicing yoga since 2009, and in 2016 she founded the yoga retreat centre, Sunrise Elements in Malaysia.  In 2020, she began Mudra Metta Wellness, moving full time into her passion of massage and yoga.  She continued her yoga education in a yin yoga certification in 2022.

Andie currently teaches in Sutton, Knowlton and Glen Sutton.  Please click on the above classes for details. 

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Richard M

I started attending Andrea's live online yoga classes about 2 years ago and they quickly became the highlight of my week. She always helps me achieve the perfect balance of feeling chilled yet energised, and whatever state of mind I am in prior to the class, by the end my soul feels settled and realigned. Her manner and delivery are delightfully calming and instructions so clear that you can almost go through the entire class with eyes closed. And her visualisations in savasana really take you places! Whatever your ability, Andrea's yoga is all inclusive with so much to benefit everyone. Whenever I talk yoga with friends, I always enthuse about Andrea's classes such is their positive effect on me. Just wonderful!


Lucy H

Andrea is a wonderful yoga teacher! She has been regularly coming to our farm to give all our workers a much needed stretch and relax. She is wonderful at catering to all of our abilities within an ever changing, physically/mentally challenging environment. And to top it all off this she gives a darn good massage that can work out all those kinks from a strenuous week in the field. Ten out of ten would recommend!


Alexander L

My wife and I have done weekly yoga lessons with Andrea for several weeks now, and it’s no exaggeration to say that these sessions have become a highlight of the week for both of us. Andrea is a kind and genuine person for whom yoga is clearly a passion and way of life, one which she approaches in a very grounded and down to earth way. Our sessions are exhausting but well-paced, always challenging, and tailored to our own needs. Andrea’s manner of instruction is clear and supportive, and she’s expert in guiding us through the ups and downs (and twists and turns and stretches...) of our 90-minute sessions. We never expected to be converts to yoga, and yet here we are...!

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