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Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Return to Your


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A Retreat to Find Your Balance Once Again!

August 17-21, 2023
Eastern Townships, QC, Canada

Do you feel like something is off, but you can't quite put your finger on what it is?

If you're experiencing a sense of unease, lack of energy, uncertainty, low motivation, uninspired thoughts, or overall imbalance, then our retreat is perfect for you!


Hi, I'm Andie! 
I've put together this magical retreat, especially for you!

While you may know me as a yoga teacher or massage therapist, retreats are another passion of mine. During my time in Malaysia, thanks to my amazing adopted family, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into area and began my journey of offering retreats.  Now I'm so excited to offer you my very first retreat here in the Eastern Townships!

 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Your Journey Back to Your Centre
Starts Here...

Auberge Yoga Salamandre

Escape to the lush 2-acre property of Auberge Yoga Salamandre in Foster, QC, located in the heart of the Eastern Townships (5 minutes from Lac Brome). The serene Yamaska River will make you feel connected with nature, while you stay in the room of your choice in this spacious and beautiful house. Enjoy outdoor yoga and meditation sessions, weather permitting, on the breathtaking open-air platform by the river where you can also swim and take leisurely strolls. In case the weather isn't great, sessions will be held indoors in the bright and open space of the house. In the evening, gather around the fire pit for bonfires and connect with your fellow retreaters.

Click on the photo to see more of this MAGICAL place!

Chakra Yogi.png
What Are Chakras Anyways? 
Why Do I Need to Balance Them?

We actually have 114 chakras!  But don't worry, we only need to focus on seven of them to achieve a balanced life. Chakras are energy centres that serve as the foundation of our holistic well-being. By learning to keep these seven chakras in check, we can achieve optimal spiritual health and balance.

Each chakra represents an energetic category, and it can be either in balance, deficient, or excessive. If any of your chakras are imbalanced, you'll feel misaligned in some way. During our retreat, you'll learn how to tell whether your chakras are in or out of balance, and what you can do to return to your centre.

Here are the seven major chakras to focus on:

  • Root Chakra: Represents our safety, stability, and security.

  • Sacral Chakra: Governs our emotions, sensations, and sexuality.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Drives our confidence, motivation, and personal power.

  • Heart Chakra: Guides our love for ourselves and others, relationships, and balance.

  • Throat Chakra: Facilitates our truth, communication, vibrations, and creativity.

  • Third Eye Chakra: Cultivates our intuition, visualization, and manifestation.

  • Crown Chakra: Connects us to our Divine self.

Who are the Teachers?

Qita Reindler

A yoga teacher since 2011, Qita especially loves teaching gentle and therapeutic Hatha yoga. Her education and background in psychology, teaching and hypnosis all come together in her classes to give a deep and meditative yoga experience. 

Marie Neige.jpeg
Marie Neige Chatelain

Marie Neige, owner of Marie Neige ~ Massothérapie & bien être is a meditation instructor, trained under Davidji, and will be teaching and guiding us in meditation sessions.

Valerie Vincent

Valerie, yoga instructor and co-owner of The Well, a yoga studio in Knowlton will be teaching and guiding us in yoga.  She has a strong background and passion for Ashtanga yoga.

What About the Food...

Meet Sara Fard! Our very own Private Caterer, creating Delicious, Wholesome Meals for You...

We're delighted to announce that Sara Fard, our in-house nutritionist, will prepare all of our meals. With her passion for food, Sara believes that every meal holds the power to fuel our bodies, especially when coupled with our planned activities. You're in for a treat!

Our menu will feature completely Vegetarian and Vegan meals, and we can cater to any dietary requirements you may have. When booking, please let us know your requirements, and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

Enjoy three delicious meals every day, beginning with dinner on the first night and concluding with a grand brunch on the last day. Plus, you'll have access to healthy snacks, water, tea, and coffee throughout the day.

Get a glimpse of the mouth-watering dishes that await you by clicking on the pictures below.


What does a day at the retreat look like?

Sample Schedule


Yoga/Meditation Session



We'll begin the day with a morning yoga/meditation session that not only teaches us about the chakras but also integrates their lessons into our practice. Afterward, we'll sit down to a delicious, vegetarian breakfast filled with foods that help balance the chakra we're focusing on. Afterwards we'll participate in an engaging activity to learn how to carry the balance of that chakra into our daily lives. These additional activities are optional if you'd like some extra down time, but strongly encouraged!


Chill time


More chill time

The midday is yours to enjoy, whether you choose to relax by the river, journal, read, or do whatever else you please. You can share lunch with the group or choose to dine solo, whichever suits your needs best.


Yoga/Meditation Session



In the late afternoon, we'll participate in another yoga/meditation session, focusing on a different chakra and embodying its lesson to the fullest. We'll end the day with a group dinner, followed by a surprise activity created especially for you by our skilled teachers.

For a detailed itinerary of our schedule, check it out here.

Ok, So How Much?

Prices start at $1150 per person depending on your choice of room, and this covers everything for the 5 days/4 nights at the retreat.  

(Payment plans are available so that you can take your time and pay over 4 months)



Q. Why don't the ticket prices show the full amount? A. Your ticket represents a 10% deposit, which is required to book your spot, and you will receive an invoice to pay the rest, depending on whether you choose to pay in full or monthly over 4 months. This is so that we can give you the choice of how you pay and keep the service fees low.

Q. What if I'm completely new to yoga and meditation? A. No problem! All of our sessions will be accessible to beginners, yet there will always be a new challenge for those of you who are experienced practitioners.

Q. What is included in the price? A. All of your food (3 meals a day + snacks & drinks), 4 nights of accommodation, 8 yoga and meditation sessions, 7 other activites, and 1 treatment of thai massage or hypnotherapy are all included. Not included is your transportation to and from the Auberge Yoga Salamandre, however we encourage car pooling, so we'll try to arrange ride sharing for those of you who live near each other.

Q. What if I can't afford this price? A. My hope is for you to make this decision from your heart, not from your bank account. If you truly desire to come, please contact me and we will work out a way. Email me at

Ready to Get Started?

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Yoga for Massage and Manual Therapists
Yoga for Massage and Manual Therapists
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Le Centre Yoga Sutton
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