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What is the Program All About?

The Inside-Out Transformation Program is a specially designed program for over giving, or codependent women who tend to put others ahead of themselves.  These women feel constantly depleted of energy because they constantly give more than they receive.

Unfortunately, this type of woman often attracts toxic people into their lives, and these women often find themselves in relationships with people who want to take more than they want to give.  These can be addicts, narcissists, or even just lazy partners who want to be taken care of.  

The over giving side craves to be needed and wanted, so there is often a vicious cycle in the relationship of wanting to feel needed, but then feeling disappointed that the love that they share in not being returned.  

This program uses yoga and meditation to change that pattern.  It teaches over giving women to shift the focus of energy back to themselves, and not only to themselves, but to their higher self, to their divine self!  

To learn more, I invite you to watch this free webinar that I have created, to share with you the 5 shifts you will need to bring your energy back to you!

What is Involved in the Program?

This program is a 16 week process designed to change the habit patterns of codependency, so that you can turn your energy back towards yourself and become your highest, most joyful and thriving version of yourself.  

With 5 weekly Inside-Out lessons, daily yoga classes and a weekly support call, you will have all of the resources needed to stop giving all of your energy away, and focus that love and attention back to yourself, and in doing so, attracting equal love and relationships into your life.  

Meet the Team!

Andrea (Andie) Price
Personal Yoga Coach
& Reiki Practitioner

Andie is the founder of Mudra Metta Wellness and the creator of the Inside-Out Transformation Program.  She has a B.A. in psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and is a 500h certified yoga instructor.  With a background in codependency, she has created this program to provide a step by step process in changing that pattern and living up to your full potential!

She will provide the weekly lessons, as well as the mindset calls, support calls, and reiki sessions.  Her passion is to help women who struggle with putting others first to find their power and see their own lives flourishing!

Marie-3 5_edited.jpg
Marie Winter
Relationship and Love Coach
& Therapist

Marie is a certified relationship and love coach, with a background as a holistic therapist and equine assisted social worker. 

She has a B.A. in social work, and is Certified in relationship coaching and holistic therapy from the VITA Coaching Institute, Relational Life Institute, Jack Zimmerman, and Ananta Coaching and Training Institute.  

She will provide a therapy session every four weeks.  Working with Marie is an invitation to take a transformational deep dive into self love, intimacy with your body and the power of your relationships.

Carrie Froggett 
Founder of "The Frog Project"
Live & Online Yoga Classes

Carrie is yogi of almost twenty years, and an expert in providing live, online yoga classes.  She and her husband founded The Frog Project out of covid-19 pandemic, and they have expanded to six yoga teachers, now offering fifteen classes weekly!

Together with Carrie, Andrea and rest of the team of yoga instructors, you are welcome to join as many of these classes as suits you.  

This program gives you access to ALL of these classes, to join whenever is most convenient. 

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in joining this program or learning more, please watch the free webinar first!  (Link above)


If you've already watched the webinar and still have questions and would like to speak to Andie to see if you are a good fit for the program, you can book a Free Breakthrough Call to discuss how you can Shift from Over-Giving and Codependency to Joyful Radiance!