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Week 2:
(1st Chakra)
Root Chakra


Our focus this week is on the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra), which is about building a strong and stable foundation for our lives, and for our other chakras to be built upon.

Muladhara Chakra

Optional Activity: Make Your Own Chakra Flags

Each week, we are going to be making one of the seven chakra flags.  The very act of slowing down and concentrating on each chakra helps to bring that chakra into alignment.  This is not compulsory but highly recommended. 


  • Click on the link below (Chakra Printable) and print out the symbol for the chakra. 

  • Place the printed paper and the corresponding coloured rectangle over a window and use the light behind it to trace the shape onto your flag

  • Add the affirmations that resonate with you.

  • After the seven flags are finished, sew them onto your string or cord.

  • Hang them in your sacred space.

If you'd like to skip the preparations and purchase a set of flags already set up and ready to decorate, you can get them HERE.

Root Chakra Flag (Red)


I am safe.
I am secure.
I am grounded and stable.
I am connected to and guided by Mother Earth.
I feel secure and comfortable in my body.
My physical body is in its optimal state.
I am rooted in the present moment.
I trust myself.
I am abundant within myself.

root chakra.jpeg

Chakra Activation Activity

Action Steps for This Week

1. Work on trusting your body:
Get a massage (whole body or just feet)
Go for a barefoot walk (yes, even if it's in the snow!)
Take a hot bath
Basic Self Care (Get enough Food, water, sleep)

2. List of Boundaries:
Decide what you want for you, what you want in a relationship, what is a dealbreaker, and what you want to do to support yourself (for your survival). You can break it down into these 5 categories:
Emotional Boundaries
Material Boundaries
Time/Energy Boundaries
Mental Boundaries
Physical Boundaries

3. Draw your body (how is feels, not how it looks!): Use the colours, sizes, and shapes that feel appropriate to the different parts of your body.
Then, hold it up in front of your own body, looking in mirror. Ask yourself:
How do I feel about this person?
What areas need the most attention/healing?

4. Make your root chakra flag (optional)

5. Do your chakra activation activity every day this week.

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