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Week 4:
(3rd Chakra)
Solar Plexus Chakra


This week is my favourite! In our Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura Chakra), we ignite our fire, we convert raw energy into power and action, and we start to take control of our lives with confidence, will, and living out our life's purpose!

Manipura Chakra

Optional Activity: Make Your Own Chakra Flags

Each week, we are going to be making one of the seven chakra flags.  The very act of slowing down and concentrating on each chakra helps to bring that chakra into alignment.  This is not compulsory but highly recommended. 


  • Click on the link below (Chakra Printable) and print out the symbol for the chakra. 

  • Place the printed paper and the corresponding coloured rectangle over a window and use the light behind it to trace the shape onto your flag

  • Add the affirmations that resonate with you.

  • After the seven flags are finished, sew them onto your string or cord.

  • Hang them in your sacred space.

If you'd like to skip the preparations and purchase a set of flags already set up and ready to decorate, you can get them HERE.

Solar Plexus Chakra Flag (Yellow)


I am a powerful being.
I am sovereign.
I am bright as the sun.
I listen, follow, and speak my inner voice.
I am confident.
I am in control of my life.
I am my authentic self.
I confidently bring out my authentic self.
I honour myself.
I honour my needs.
I work with ease and flow.
I am motivated.
I am worthy of success.
I work efficiently every day and achieve my goals.
I am capable of taking my decisions on my own.

root chakra.jpeg

Chakra Activation Activity

Action Steps for This Week

1. Start a Food Journal:
Keep track of:
What you eat
Time of eating
Amount of eating
Water intake
How you feel after every meal

2. Do Energizing Activities!
Aerobic exercise - 30 mins 1x, 2x, or 3x per week
Write list of energizing activities (that you love)
Put a few in your calendar, make a plan to do them
Journal about how you feel after

3. Goal Setting
Start looking into your desires
Journal about your ideas
Set a goal
Make a Plan - Use your calendar!
Challenge yourself

4. Make your solar plexus chakra flag (optional)

5. Do your chakra activation activity every day this week.

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