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Week 8:
(7th Chakra)
Crown Chakra


In this final week, we complete the journey across the rainbow bridge as we enter the crown chakra. In this final stage, all of the work that we have done up to this point comes together, reaching freedom, as we become one with our divine self.

Sahasrara Chakra

Optional Activity: Make Your Own Chakra Flags

Each week, we are going to be making one of the seven chakra flags.  The very act of slowing down and concentrating on each chakra helps to bring that chakra into alignment.  This is not compulsory but highly recommended. 


  • Click on the link below (Chakra Printable) and print out the symbol for the chakra. 

  • Place the printed paper and the corresponding coloured rectangle over a window and use the light behind it to trace the shape onto your flag

  • Add the affirmations that resonate with you.

  • After the seven flags are finished, sew them onto your string or cord.

  • Hang them in your sacred space.

If you'd like to skip the preparations and purchase a set of flags already set up and ready to decorate, you can get them HERE.

Crown Chakra Flag (Violet or White)


I am.
I am divine.
My existence is sacred.
I am aware of my infinite nature.
I acknowledge and honour my divinity.
I am in alignment with the Universe.
I trust my inner knowing.
I see divinity in myself as well as in others.
I am connected to the universal consciousness all the time.
I am connected to my spirit.
I openly receive guidance from the Universe.
I am in alignment with my purpose.
I coexist peacefully with everyone.
I trust in the diving plan.
I honour all that exists.
I am one with all of life.

root chakra.jpeg

Chakra Activation Activity

Action Steps for This Week

1. Examine your belief systems:
Take out your journal, and write out the answers to the following questions:
What do I now believe about myself?
What do I believe I deserve in a relationship?
Who am I? And who am I meant to be?
Check if your beliefs are appropriate or not.

2. Practice Mindfulness:
Commit to being mindful on a daily basis.
Set an alarm to go off regularly (every hour, every 3 hours, etc) to remind you to be present.

3. Practice two or three forms of meditation:
See what works best for you.
Make it a regular practice.

4. Make your crown chakra flag and hang it up in your sacred space! (optional)

5. Do your chakra activation activity every day this week.

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