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Crossing Journeys

E-Book: by Andie Price

Book Summary

Crossing Journeys is a story that is most dear to my heart, because it is my story.  

This book is a memoir which describes the events that took place between myself, and a Kenyan man named George that I met while traveling there.  Like many stories of codependency, there was plenty of drama that took place.  He was incredibly intelligent and charming; I believed he was my soulmate.  We had a connection that seemed like it was made in heaven...until the alcohol came out from hiding.  He said that he wanted to change.  He asked me to help him quit.  And my intense desire to help him, fix him, save him, led me to believe that there was something I could do about it.  

This is my story of trying to help, and failing miserably.  I watched the life of the person I loved go down the drain, while there was absolutely nothing I could do.  It's the story of how my life became tangled up around his, to the point that all I could do or think or breathe was about him.  When he eventually cut off communication with me, and I felt betrayed and useless.  

Until one day, after a long time, I started to find healing in meditation.  That continued into my studies of yoga. 

The healing continued long after the story ends.  This company, Mudra Metta Wellness, was born out of the pain that began back in 2011 when this book begins.  I'm happy to share this with anyone that might find it useful.  I welcome any and all questions pertaining to the journey or the healing that I went through to get myself out of codependency, to where I am today.  

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime, by clicking here.

May all beings be happy and free.

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